Flowers are …

Gram loved all flowers and often said that “Flowers are God’s love made visible.”

The comment above was shared on a recent flower post of mine, from my dear American blog-friend Ellen (‘Gem’) who’s a grandmother herself and visits some of your blogs as well. She always has the right words! Ellen doesn’t have her own blog but I like to sometimes share her gems of wisdom here. Thank you Ellen, stay well my friend!

Some autumn flower photos taken by Nigel recently, during a local daily walk that took us back to the colchicum field, with ‘dahlian guards’ positioned along the fenceline.

Photos taken by Nigel 19 April 2020 (autumn in New Zealand)

Click on any photo to enlarge

This beautiful red dahlia was eye-catching!


From Michael Scandling [this link goes to his blog], taken from a comment he left at Mike Powell’s blog :

This enforced slowdown is a great opportunity for us to remember the joy of the simple things. Makes the whole thing feel a lot less enforced, when we do.

Thanks Michael, so true and worth repeating 🙂

Take care everybody. If you can, stay home and stay safe
Much love to you all from my little corner of the world

— Liz xx

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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    1. Thanks Ellen! Only just seen your comment as not all comments are making it to Notifications. I’d read about it earlier today and didn’t realise till now that the bug has affected my blog too. Hope they get it fixed soon!

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    1. Yes, I loved it! I’ve only just found your comment. I’d read earlier today that some comments aren’t coming through to Notifications and sure enough it’s happening to me too. Hope the WP people fix it soon!

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        1. I didn’t think I had the problem either as I’ve had likes and some comments coming through Notifications ok … till I went and checked Comments under “My Sites” and found comments there that had been coming in on slightly older posts from the last couple of days – they hadn’t come through on Notifications so I’d had no idea they’d been left. If you haven’t already done so you might want to check back through Comments under “My Sites” to make sure – it’s been a widespread problem.

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  1. Oh my stars! I have been quoted again, though in truth it is not mine to claim but a re-quote from the wisdom of my dear Gram. Gram would be pleased and honored to know that her words have traversed the world! The red Dahlia is gorgeous! I have in the past recounted memories of them in Gram’s garden, so I will not repeat them again. My Gram, known as Miss Lydia to those fortunate enough to befriend her as neighbors and customers, was the font from which came most of the modicum of wisdom that I do possess. She and my Father were humble, kind and giving people who respected the Earth and all of the gifts which it holds and offers. They lovingly passed that stewardship to my siblings and myself, along with anyone else who was in their presence for any amount of time. Michael Scandling possess a great measure of wisdom. Hoping that Nigel and yourself remain safe and well. Thank-YOU!

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    1. A lovely tribute to your wonderful Gram and Father, very beautiful. Take good care of yourself Ellen. It’s very kind of you to think of us, I can assure you we’re both absolutely fine and NZ as a whole is coping very well with it’s strategy of Covid-19 elimination. Love from Liz xx


  2. It certainly looks like you’re having a terrific summer in NZ, that is an eye-catching red.
    It’s funny, a minute ago, I was just looking at Steve S’s photo of a rain lily, and thinking it looks like a bit like autumn crocus, and looked the latter up, or I would’ve never know the formal name colchicum. Now if I could just remember some of these terms!

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    1. Just a few days ago we had cold temps and snow on the hills behind our town, and I have the heat pump on in the living room every day now. We’re making the most of enjoying the colour while we can!

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