Poetry In Motion

I know the power of words… a poem by Steve Denehan. Steve is Dublin-born, lives in Kildare and I found his poem via Twitter. I’ve chosen to team his poem with a powerful image from Pepix who created an amazing effect when she flung boiling water into freezing cold air, an act of energy that’s truly “poetry in motion”.

Grateful thanks to Steve Denehan and Pepix who both graciously permitted me to use their work in my blog-post.


— by Steve Denehan   Twitter:  @SteverinoD
I read the poem courtesy of a retweet by Susan Richardson  @floweringink
— this image is by Pepix aka Petra Köster (larger version further below)


Feathers and Meteorites

I know the power

of words


a grain of sand

with the weight

of a wet sun

I fling them

with all I have

high above me

look at them


like feathers

like meteorites

and walk away

leaving them

to be taken

by the land

—  poem by Steve Denehan. This and some of Steve’s other poems were recently published in a journal named Saffron Flavoured Rock Candy. Each poem was also translated into Farsi and Steve included photos of the English/Farsi versions for the above poem in  this tweet

picture:  via Pepix

Awesome image created by Pepix aka Petra Köster  –  she has a marvellous photography blog at  PEPIX

Click on the photo to enlarge


Don’t miss the video of Pepix actually doing this… it’s on her blog-post and the accompanying text is in English as well as German.

Link:   Noch mal Mpemba-Effekt

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). Poem and picture used with permission.

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  1. It’s so true how they seem to completely belong together. I just looked at Pepix’s site, my those photos as stunning! We already spoke about how amazing Steve’s words are, those feathers and meteorites- up the Dubs! You seem to be having a week of dubs Liz, Irish ones and Wee Dubs vans on the roadside.

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