Local Colour

When we visited the local plant nursery on Saturday we walked from home and photographed some of the colour we found along the way. The first photo is by Nigel and the second by me. The tall conical tree is our native Golden Totara or Podocarpus totara ‘aurea’ whose foliage takes on a good gold colour when grown in full sun. Beside it is a native kowhai in flower (Sophora sp.)  Further below I’ll show you some kowhai seed.



Chris Hughes at Blue Mountain Nursery showed us a few things in their work area behind the shop, including some collected kowhai seed:

local_colour_04taken by Liz

Just up the road from us the orange calendulas out front of this property have been brightening up the frontage all spring.. fabulous!

btytaken by Nigel

At Blue Mountain Nurseries they have a huge range of rhododendrons for sale. There’s a small selection named for the Seven Dwarfs!


for example   🙂



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  1. I love all of the bright colors, Liz, and laughed at the notion of flowers named after the seven dwarfs. How did they match the flowers to the characteristics and hames of the dwarfs? 🙂

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