Wild Colour

Fellow WP blogger Anita has a fabulous blog at:  Anita’s ImagesMake Life Beautiful.  Anita lives in Malta where she finds many photographic opportunities. Her blog-posts include plenty of colour and always lift my spirits but as you’d expect some are MORE colourful than others.

Today her post was an adventure in colour with images from Marsaxlokk in Malta, a fishing village saturated in colour!

Here’s just one of the photos from her post – to see her photos of fishing boats in wild colours you’ll need to follow the link I provide below. The boats are truly wild.. they also have eyes!!

Anita’s photo of a fishing net with wild colours…


Reminded me of a photo I’d taken in Old Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand. I found this hank of multi-coloured wool lying on a table not far from a wool/fibre shop.


Anita’s blog-post of vibrant, colourful (and wild) fishing boats:

LINK:   A trip to Marsaxlokk — Malta

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). Credit: net photo by Anita.

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