Kakapo Chicks

Kakapo are a very special and endearing native New Zealand parrot of which there are few left (currently only 142 alive, plus 72 chicks that aren’t included in the count until they’re older). The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital has been caring for a lot of this season’s chicks – today I found a great video about the work they’ve been doing – it includes footage of chicks [link below].

Lovely photo taken a good few years ago of a Department of Conservation worker caring for a group of kakapo chicks – I found it at Wikipedia.

Department of Conservation [CC BY 2.0].  Photo: Alastair Morrison, 2008

Further Information

1. The video footage at Dunedin Wildlife Hospital is here:

Dozens of kakapo nursed at Wildlife Hospital

2. Dr Andrew Digby regularly tweets info, photos and videos about kakapo. This is a fantastic Twitter account to stay current with kakapo:


3. Department of Conservation   Kakapo Recovery website

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Sounds like a very devoted team of volunteers looking after the birds…I hope all the new chicks make it! (They seem very endearing in the video! 🙂 )

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