Cow, Dragons in Tapanui

Cow letterbox, next to the white “anchored” property of my last post. Later we visited the print shop in town and I photographed dragons. In Tapanui dragons have more meaning than what you might imagine. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand


A few years ago, Tapanui became the American town of Millhaven in the movie Pete’s Dragon. Here be Dragons…


I found a video about Tapanui and the Pete’s Dragon experience – great little video. But the Auckland presenters bang on about Tapanui being in the middle of nowhere… what!? It’s in the centre of everything the way I see it.

The video is a great way to see Tapanui, meet some locals, see the town transformed into Millhaven USA. Also, nice view of the Blue Mountains with snow.

LINK:   to video about Tapanui

Impulse decision: I’ll show you these photos because this building is in the video. First and last photos by Liz. Middle photo by Nigel

Front view.


Side view.


Side view.


Text and photos by Liz unless otherwise attributed; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. The video is fascinating, Liz. As I have mentioned before, some of the photos you show remind me of the American West, and that was the first detail they mentioned in the clip. Thank you for sharing a slice of life from your home.

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