Footprints of a Moa

Moa footprints, Kye Burn River, Central Otago, NZ. See  Moa Footprints Discovery  for info. Image credit: Kane Fleury, Otago Museum Collection. © Otago Museum. Used with permission

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    1. Such crumbs from the past are rare so this is something to celebrate! Collectively we don’t seem to learn for sure but let’s also celebrate those who’re trying to do all they can to care for what we DO have left (including you as far as I know.. what’re you doing these days anyway Graham?)


      1. So true. Education is a huge thing to take forward. It’s a lovely message from Ellen there. If we can get children to respect the world more and hopefully keep more species from going the way of the Moa, maybe they have a chance…🙂. Part of me thinks that capitalist consumerism will have to be curtailed to have any hope…but that means a total rethink in human society and of material wealth…it’s hard to see.

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        1. I totally agree with you. Many young people have a different mindset which is a positive. Thing is, change needs to happen real fast and, short of revolution, power structures change at glacial speed. Problem.

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