Going, Glowing, Green

As darkness descends we switch on the outside light between cottage and office, and the back porch glows green. We’re quietly amused, yet at the same time we’re rather fond of the effect.. I enjoy seeing the green glow when I look through the kitchen window 🙂

— another colourful light that we’ve inherited with our new place



Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

6 thoughts on “Going, Glowing, Green

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  1. Dammit … now you have me (later) booked in for rabbiting through thousands of snaps of colour. (There goes Saturday—you’ll keep— now where did I leave that ball of wax and those pins …)

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    1. Ha! Not a morning person as you can tell.. anyway being dim is probably the best protection against such threats 🙂 What was I thinking? Probably of all the rabbits I’d seen one day as we drove into Invercargill, at the big cemetery.. Its a life-saver being able to edit out my own comments


      1. My next post is a promise fulfilled. (Okay, worked on.)

        I am a dog of eclectic interests and ‘time’ is one of them—I like to superimpose (in my mind) the past and present into one, and weird things happen …

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