Wallpaper Beauties, Oamaru NZ

For Nat in response to Add a splash of colour!

Wallpapers in Design Federation Interiors, Oamaru, New Zealand. Click on photo to enlarge

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  1. Perhaps when you get a photo you can join the “six on Saturday” challenge by the Propagator? There are so many awesome gardeners involved I’m sure someone will be able to help with an ID.

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    1. I think if we go back and look at it, we’ll probably sort it out pretty quickly. This was a shot that I literally took as we were leaving, after photographing the Milk Bar and then taking a lengthy walk around local streets. I barely noticed that far tree apart from the contrast in colour of its foliage! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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  2. I was so hoping you would join in seeing as colour is your love too 😊. What a fabulous photo! Not sure I can pick a favourite wallpaper there are too many I like. Which pattern did you like best?
    Thank you for the gift of your post ❤

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    1. You’re so sweet and it was a real pleasure to respond! Personally I’d go for the dragonfly one because we actually have dragonflies in NZ and I enjoy seeing them and also the background looks maybe indigo blue which I’m fond of. There’ll be more colour coming soon once I start posting about Oamaru. Its a wonderful town and I think you’d love to visit there! I posted this one early just to respond to your request and its nice to have it published 🙂

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      1. Ooh I will keep a look out. You’ve had lots of garden snaps lately which I enjoy. Absolutely love the photo of the three contrasting shrubs! The mystery shrub is keeping me busy. Do you think it might be an Euonymus?

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        1. It might be Nat. I honestly don’t know if that was another variety of native pittosporum (of which we have endless different cultivars) or the one you mention which I kinda know but couldn’t have come up with the name like you did! I’ll try to get Nigel to drive us back that way some time for better ID! Thanks for your interest, its obvious you and I are both very taken with the contrasting foliage in that shot!

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