Bright Spot, Red

We visited Maple Glen Gardens on 26 January and were both very taken with the showy bright red dahlias. We found the gardens to be particularly colourful at this time of year and the dahlias are especially eye-catching! It was a very windy afternoon and the photography was challenging.

Maple Glen is at Glenham, near Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand

Red at Maple Glen Gardens

As I create this post I’m putting it together with Nat in mind because Nat’s “go to” colour is red! In response to Nat’s post  Add a splash of colour!

Bumblebee right in the centre of this dahlia.


I cropped the above image from this photo taken by Nigel..


My photos below.. Liz




Dahlias in another part of the garden fronting a view down the hillside


Chilean Flame Creeper (Tropaeolum speciosum)

This is a pest plant in Southland – its invasive along the bush edge and in light gaps. Forms a curtain that smothers native plants. Pretty though!


Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

13 thoughts on “Bright Spot, Red

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  1. What a way to make my day! Thank you Liz!

    This year was the first time I have grown dalias and I chose the red ones too. Aren’t they just so beautiful.

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  2. Gorgeous red! It’s interesting to know that the Chilean Flame Creeper is a pest with you. I’ve seen it in a few gardens in Scotland but it’s not so easy to grow here.

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