Directions at Bluff

Ever since Candice at This Made Me Smile Today posted a bison weather vane I’ve been hankering to contribute my own weather vane to Weather Vane Wednesday. My problem was to find a weather vane! When we were at the port town of Bluff on Sunday I looked up at the art deco Foveaux Hotel and there on top I spotted a weather vane. Such excitement! Nigel joined in and took some photos too… just as well because I caught the north-south vane end-on and it was invisible. I’ve used two of Nigel’s photos that show both vanes.

— just found Weather Vane Wednesday isn’t happening this Wednesday … oh well, I’ll post this anyway!

Both photos by Nigel, taken 07 October 2018. Bluff, Southland, New Zealand

**Click on this first photo to enlarge**



To see the whole of this lovely art deco building, see my previous post from early September 2018.

Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

12 thoughts on “Directions at Bluff

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  1. What a fabulous weather vane! Thanks so much for taking part. I will include a link to your post in next week’s Weather Vane Wednesday post. Thanks again! 😁

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  2. you found a great vane – love it – and it reminded me that I have one waiting to be shared – I will post it soon (also with a sea theme)
    and your picture here seems like a real working one – most that I see are not – even if by the sea – ha

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  3. Weather vanes are fun any day of the week, Liz. The one in your posting is certainly an unusual one. It intrigued me enough to follow your link to your previous posting as well as to look for Bluff on a map of New Zealand. Now I know a bit more about the geography of New Zealand. 🙂

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    1. That’s really cool Mike! All that remains is for you to get a flight to NZ and make your way to Dunedin. From there we could help you out with getting to Bluff! We really like Bluff and are hoping to spend a couple of nights there at the end of this month – its what I want to do for my birthday 🙂


      1. Just for fun, I checked out flights to Dunedin, which has the unfortunate abbreviation of DUD. They are not as outrageously expensive as I expected. I need to do a bit more research about things I could do exploring South Island. I could easily see myself spending a couple of weeks.

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        1. You’d want to try and make it a month if you can Mike. Its very complex terrain in the SI and roads are ok but not like freeways. Its not as quick to get around as you’d imagine. The scenery everywhere is awesome and you’d want to be taking your time. Lots of walking tracks and so on too (plus lots of wonderful photo opportunities).


          1. I guess I need to look at this a bit more carefully and consider routes, costs, seasons, etc. All things being equal, what’s the best time to visit considering I prefer to avoid crowds?

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            1. My favourite times of year are spring and autumn with mild temperatures and nice scenery. Autumn is usually quite settled weather-wise so I’d suggest April. Hot time of year is Jan and Feb… lots of kiwis on holiday as well as tourists! See these pics I took 19 April: If you search my blog with the name “shotover” you’ll see posts with photos taken 30 March and the colour is only just starting to show. Autumn 2018 the colours were really wonderful in the last half of April and Central Otago is renowned for its autumn colours!


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