Art Deco Beauties in Bluff (1)

Art Deco beauties in Bluff? You bet! This little fishing community down south, port town for Southland, has some fabulous art deco commercial buildings in the main street and they’re beauties! The colour scheme is ‘interesting’ but that’s as it should be in this port town. Never a dull moment! We visited Bluff on Tues 14 August and I’m posting the photos as an informal series.

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and Blue Cottage in Bluff

Photos: First two taken by Liz, last one by Nigel

Art Deco in Bluff

On one side of the main street we admired the beautiful art deco architecture. On the other side we admired the sunlit cabbage trees (New Zealand native Cordyline australis). Foveaux is the name of the strait between the South Island and Stewart Island; its a one-hour ferry crossing from Bluff to Oban.




Text by Liz. Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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