Oamaru Directions

My last three photos from Oamaru, taken 24 July 2020.
Waitaki District, New Zealand
1. Signpost of things to see – what to do in Oamaru!
2 and 3. The Victorian Rail Overbridge.

Click on any photo to enlarge


Overbridge route to town.


Looking back toward the sea.


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

7 thoughts on “Oamaru Directions

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    1. “Yield” sounds hilarious to me, an old-fashioned term! I actually had no idea that’s used in the US instead of “Give Way” 🙂 I prefer “Exit” over “Way out”. I’ve grown up with “Exit” signs so used to that.


          1. “Yield” made me think of knights in armour and one yielding to another – you know – the weak one yields. Surely it’s like a red rag to a bull to many in the US where many seem to be hellbent on “winning”. I didn’t mention any of those thoughts but Ellen’s comment prompted me to share after all 🙂


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