Round Oamaru

Some photos taken by me ’round Oamaru on Friday 24 July 2020.
Oamaru, Waitaki District, New Zealand.

1. Native plant bursting through ‘porthole’ in steel fence (fence visible in photo 4).
2. My wonderful hot chocolate at Steam cafe.
3. Railway that crosses the main street, then curves round to the seafront.
4. Miniature streets – young children ride their bikes or scooters here 🙂

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In the children’s park above you can just see a little white dot on top of one of the fenceposts (behind the RH boulder). A gull I’d already photographed, still sitting there, he/she seemed to like the perch. Here’s my photos:



I think it’s a young one, it got nervous when another bird flew near and let out a high-pitched baby-sounding squawk. It seemed quite unfazed by me though.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

11 thoughts on “Round Oamaru

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    1. I know Steve! Very sweet face. And a little creepy seeing those eyes watching me every time I lifted cup to lips. The face stayed intact till most the liquid was drained!

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    1. Thanks Ellen! The track is by a carpark and I’ve often seen it in use by younger children. At the time I took the gull photos a mother was there with her young child. It’s good even for the wee ones who just have a little sit-on trike with no pedals and kick their way around.

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