Stirling Point, Bluff

I’m complaining loud and clear that I hate the new colour scheme that WordPress has just imposed. Feeling irritated and seeking some solace in the sea. New Zealand. Taken by Liz 13 Nov 2018.

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  1. Love the peace of watching your seascape! I have been away from my computer for a week and didn’t see any announcement about the color changes. Today as I started catching up with posts I thought there was something amiss with my computer.

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    1. Glad you love the rocky beach photo Candice! The good news is that the orange is partially re-implemented now in the Classic Blue interface i.e. the current stats bar and Publish button. Unfortunately it hasn’t been propagated through to when I hit the Like button which still goes to a dark blue solid star. I’ve gold WP that I’m glad some orange is back but that when I “Like” a post the star needs to go Orange. A darker blue isn’t good enough!

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    1. I know. Its unbelievable. The sooner they give an option to revert, the better I’ll be pleased. I loathe that pink colour. Property management company we used to rent from used it for everything, even the A4 paper form we had to fill out for quarterly inspection!

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    1. This was imposed with no choice Ted and there is no facility to revert. Most of what was an orange-brown colour (like the notification dot and the “current” stats bar) is now a ghastly pink colour. When I hit “Like” it just goes a darker blue instead of orange. Why can’t they just leave things alone?

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