Frosty Sunrise this morning in Dunedin, New Zealand

Mid-winter down our end of the globe. Got up about 8am, looked out the kitchen window and saw bright pink clouds. Grabbed my cell and rushed outside (in pjs and gumboots to SO’s amusement). Managed to get these shots although the colour was fading even while I was out there and had disappeared once I was back inside.


The city is over the other side of the hill. The sun currently gets over the ridge around 10am. The sun is high enough by that time that its already radiating plenty of warmth. Once its over the ridge we get the sun all day!


We’ve been living at this property (as tenants) since January this year. The hillside you can see in the photo is leased to a farmer who has sheep grazing there in the summer. We really appreciate living in such a rural situation while still having quick access to the city and also to the Southern Motorway that leads to Clutha and Southland.


Words and photos by Exploring Colour (2017)


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    1. You’re right Dami! We do feel blessed. Just another quiet tenant in the house below us and our landlord’s caryard. Blissful silence at night. And we hear lots of birdsong from tuis and bellbirds (lovely native songbirds). So glad you’ve visited – thanks Dami!

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