Winning Words

“I’ve never floated for so long without the aid of a crane, suspension bridge, boat or pill! Next year, my debut collection will be brought to life by Hedgehog Poetry Press. This city of magic has never shone so magically like it has today…”  Damien B. Donnelly

Congratulations Damien! In honour of you becoming a ‘hoglet’, here’s a hedgehog mosaic we found set into the pavement, in the grounds of the Garden Museum in London, UK. Taken by Nigel, 2010.


And I’m celebrating by sharing one of your poems, illustrated with photos taken during our overseas trips in 2010 and 2011. Photos by Nigel, edited by Liz.


She’s asleep. Lost Gardens of Heligan woodland. Cornwall, UK

For a while, to dream

— a poem by Damien B. Donnelly

I of soft nights dream
above a sea of harpsichords,
where clouds are cooling caramel
and the stars set alight with the scent
of a pristine perfume deemed delectable.


I of soft nights dream
neath a curve of cloistered courtyards,
drunk on desires dawn will deliver
as dusk dressed Diana sets to slip
my careless catastrophes far upriver.


I of soft nights dream
on a bed of chamomile seats
where leaves lean in to comfort from cold
and fine floret rays of petals white
dance around the apple scented hearts of gold.


I of soft nights dream
through this climate’s current chaos
of laughter lines beneath sweet thy smile,
of caress, kiss and chorus of choir
and the comfort that comes to call for a while.

I, of soft nights, dream…


Poem link:   For a while, to dream  — words by Damien B. Donnelly

Soon it’ll be time for you to cast off again. Bon Voyage from Liz and Nigel xx

Avanti  !!


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)
Coastal scene: Craster, Northumberland UK. Courtyard: Culver City, LA. Chamomile seat: Kew Gardens, London UK. Faces: York Minster. Boats: UK

9 thoughts on “Winning Words

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    1. Great news and such a well deserved opportunity for Damien 🙂 I’ve just recently got the folders of overseas photos that Nigel took when we travelled, it was great getting familiar with them again!

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  1. Oh Liz and Nigel, thank you both so much. What a total treat to come along to find your grace lighting the day. And to find the hedgehog, I am astonished. Yesterday was such an emotional day, it has been a dream for such a long time to have a collection of poetry, in print, in a book, a book that someone other than me said this should be published and soon it will no longer be just a dream. But along this journey of hope there has been such love and light and help and support and, for all the distance I have made, it is because of the encouragement I received to take a further step. And you both have been top notch in terms of feeding me strength and encouragement and asking questions to make me think even more about who I was or why the words I had put down onto paper had found their way into such an order. You have made this hoglet very happy. Love and joy back to you both in big bright buckets.

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