Where Dreams Begin

I accompanied Nigel to Wyndham and Edendale this afternoon as he had to visit various sites for work. One place he parked was right by Edendale Primary School and I noticed these signs on the fence, above the rather dated wall. Edendale is notable for having a large dairy factory and a brand new bypass.... Continue Reading →

Swirling Water

Driving to Millers Flat we noticed how high the Clutha River was. After leaving Faigan's Cafe we decided to drive to Roxburgh and have a look at the hydro dam. At the base of the dam the air was chilly and there was a constant roar from the rushing water. Here's two photos of Roxburgh... Continue Reading →

Ode to Snow Dragon

SNOW DRAGON -- Poem by Liz Cowburn; Exploring Colour Softly surging through the water Near me I would have you stay Onward going, never slowing Wondrous how you surf the waves! Dignified determination Raging torrents all around Anxious to pursue your journey Going, flowing, ocean-bound One brief glimpse through foamy spray Nature's gift, soon borne... Continue Reading →

Pete’s Dragon

Pete's Dragon as I've dubbed it, is in a photo recently posted on Pete Hillman's blog; the dragon appears in the moving water of a weir, in a canal in Staffordshire, UK. In his blog Pete discusses the different forms that he can see in the moving water and one of the things he can... Continue Reading →

Pink and Blue Together

Enjoy these two bright and beautiful images where pink and blue reign supreme, featuring together to great effect! Thank you to both photographers for allowing me to use your images Aerial display, Malta International Airshow Taken by Anita (Malta) From:   WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge - Lines | 26 April, 2018 Blog:     Anita's Images Havana, Cuba... Continue Reading →

Old Brown Racing “HORSE”

and "BANDIT".  These two cars with catchy names caught my attention when wandering around a display of speedway cars on Thurs 08 March in Invercargill. I've already posted about my favourite - the green car named "THE CHOPPER"!! These photos show another two cars that were next-door neighbours in the display ... Text and Photos... Continue Reading →

Munro Special Streamliner

The streamliner is an aerodynamic shell for the motorcycle. Burt progressed through four different streamliners. The first was aluminium, the second fibreglass, and I'd assume the next two were fibreglass as well. Five replica streamliners were created for the movie 'The World's Fastest Indian'. Here is one of them, displayed at E Hayes and Sons.... Continue Reading →

The ORIGINAL World’s Fastest Indian

The Munro Special now resides in a large display case at E Hayes and Sons, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand. I hope that you enjoy the photo captures that I took of the display and the accompanying signs, shown below. This post continues on from The Home of the World's Fastest Indian.   Here is a... Continue Reading →

The Home of the World’s Fastest Indian

The door mats at both front entrances into E Hayes and Sons are very eye-catching as shown in the above photo. After a partial stroke in 1977 Burt sold the Munro Special Indian Scout, another special bike called a Velocette, and most of his shed's contents and motorbike trailer to Norman and Neville Hayes. Burt... Continue Reading →

Southland Speed Sensation

This statue stands proudly near the front entrance to Queens Park in Invercargill, not far from the Southland Museum and Art Gallery (where the tuatara live). It was installed in 2011 to honour Burt Munro whose story was dramatised in the movie 'The World's Fastest Indian'. Burt was born on the 25th March 1899 at... Continue Reading →

Zooming In On The Green Car

Thurs 08 Mar we drove to Invercargill and while Nigel was doing business I visited a display of speedway cars that he'd txt-ed me about. It was fun wandering around looking at the cars and doing a bit of people-watching. My favourite was the classic green car - these photos all have the green car... Continue Reading →

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