What if slugs are just snails going through a divorce.. "yep she got the house". On a signboard outside Governor's Cafe in Dunedin, New Zealand on March 05, 2019. I've been waiting for a slug to go with the signboard - this morning I found a very fine slug posted by a WP blogger from... Continue Reading →

The Enemies of Beauty. Guest Post by Simone Foedrowitz

Thank you Liz for your invitation to describe my thoughts about beauty!   When I fell in deep depression I lost my sense of beauty.     I looked in the sky above and all that I saw were clouds, colours and light. But I couldn't feel any joy.     In the night I... Continue Reading →

Such Stunning Snails…

Kauri snails. Ever heard of them? They're carnivorous, egg-laying snails endemic to New Zealand. So I'm guessing most of you haven't heard of them! And, they... are long-lived: they can live for twenty years or more! grow BIG. Shell diameter up to 79mm. are carnivorous - their diet consists of earthworms, insects, insect larvae, and... Continue Reading →

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