Purple and Gold

I love to witness the appearance of this beautiful flower in the Spring. Pulsatilla or pasque flower. According to Wikipedia: 'Derived from the Hebrew word for Passover, "pasakh", the common name pasque flower, refers to the Easter (Passover) flowering period, in the spring.' New Zealand springtime is nowhere near Easter so not very relatable for... Continue Reading →

Golden ash tree in Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Photo taken by Nigel 29 Mar 2018, mid-afternoon. March is autumn in New Zealand.

Cool Blues and Hot Pink

Four lovely images remaining, all are flowers and I have three blues and one pink. The pink easily holds it own - this is no passive pink! Thanks to the photographers for granting permission to use their photos. ** Click on photo to enlarge ** Texas bluebonnets, Lupinus texensis. Taken by Steven Schwartzman (Austin, Texas,... Continue Reading →

Garden Elements at Larnach

The Laburnum Tunnel at Larnach wasn't the only thing that caught our attention on Saturday. Here are some other photos from the same visit that I'd like to share with you... These young Wedding Cake Trees are right by the carpark. It was late afternoon when we left and the sun was very bright. Much... Continue Reading →

Reds and Blues in the Rock Garden

These reds and blues looked wonderful when I was in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden on Sunday 08 October 2017. Dunedin, New Zealand Maple and lithodora. To see textures click on photo for large version Beautiful deep red primula Lithodora Gentiana acaulis (trumpet gentian) Rosemary with beautiful form, weeping and gnarly. Click on... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on a Wallflower

This wallflower enjoyed a brief appearance in my recent post Patchwork Colours in the Botanic Garden, 25 Oct 2017. At the time I knew nothing about the plant but two readers commented favourably on it so today I looked for a name and was successful. These photos were taken by Nigel Sat 28 Oct at... Continue Reading →

Full On Yellow – Aurinia saxatilis

Today the Otago Daily Times had a small article titled Golden face of spring about Aurinia saxatilis growing in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. You can't miss the bright gold blobs of colour scattered about! We've been photographing the Aurinia recently so the article prompted me to show some of the... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Colours in the Botanic Garden

Last night we were in the Dunedin Botanic Garden, quite late in the day. Springtime in Dunedin, New Zealand Overview of the rock garden. The bright orange shrub is Berberis × stenophylla and something starting with 'C', possibly 'Corallina Compacta' Close-up of the mauve blur you can see centre-right in the first photo. I think... Continue Reading →

Pathways of Beauty, Dunedin Botanic Garden

Recent photos we've taken from Rock Garden pathways at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. All taken early October 2017. The horizontal images have larger-size versions (click the photo to enlarge).             Text and first five photos by Exploring Colour, last two photos by Nigel (Oct 2017)

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