Chevy Impala SS in Tapanui

Chevrolet Impala SS parked outside 'Top Nosh' on Sunday afternoon, 18 March 2018. It was a delightful find when we came out of the cafe. Tapanui, Clutha District, New Zealand. *Click on any photo to enlarge.*       Featured photo from the post I did yesterday: Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

We came out of 'Top Nosh' to find this Chevrolet Impala SS parked outside. Tapanui, Clutha District, Otago, New Zealand. Sunday afternoon, 18 March 2018.

Americana Surprise in Southland

On Sunday 04 March we headed way out west from Gore and landed up in Lumsden... ** Click twice on any image to view full-size ** Hungry and thirsty, we were drawn to this promising-looking cafe and bar Inside, a 1955 Dodge Kingsway has made itself at home The Route 6 website describes the cafe... Continue Reading →

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