Colourful Time

This work by Rebecca Baumann was purchased by the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in 2017 with funds from the Dunedin City Council. Dunedin, New Zealand. Baumann's 'Automated Colour Field' works began in 2011, following a residency in Berlin, where she became interested in the scheduling boards at train stations. Automated Colour Field (Variation 6) consists... Continue Reading →

Once More with Feeling

"In the installation Once More with Feeling, Baumann has repurposed a Trivision advertising billboard, replacing the billboard signage with a series of triangular prisms. These prisms continuously rotate 120 degrees, revealing each iridescent colour as it turns. As the theatre lighting hits these prisms, a kaleidoscope of colour is created - colour that reflects and... Continue Reading →

Colours | Colors

People talk about toning colour down; I tell them I want it to go right off the scale. -- NORI POPE Here I am, in my happy place, in colour space. Happy as ...

Colour Magic

Immersed in joyful, happy colour, our treat after a day of car travel. We didn't have much time but both of us felt happy and relaxed in this fun colourspace. I'll be posting more about this soon(ish). Taken 23 July 2019. Dunedin, New Zealand

Museum of Contemporary Art – Primavera

REBLOG: Really enjoyed this post from Rebecca Lush in Sydney. I read it on her blog Curate Your Own Adventure (great name!). I’d previously posted twice about visiting a Rebecca Baumann installation at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery (May 23 and May 31 this year). The post below (Jan 25) describes a visit Rebecca Lush made to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney where she viewed another installation of Rebecca Baumann’s – one inspired by the Arrival/Departure Board of a Berlin train station. Instead of displaying times, Rebecca Baumann’s installation displays colours. Fantastic! You can actually see this installation in this video in which Rebecca Baumann discusses her works and what has inspired them.

Curate Your Own Adventure

Today I had a moment to quickly visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and their new Primavera exhibition. I am trying to visit more art galleries this year. This is primarily because I would like to expand my knowledge of how their exhibitions are designed. As I only had thirty minutes, I decided to focus on one of the two rooms displaying Primavera artwork. For those who have visited, or plan on visiting, it is the room immediately to the right of the cloakroom.

My first question was, what is Primavera? I am not very tuned into the world of art so this was the first time I had even heard of such an exhibition. To my surprise, Primavera is one of the longest running exhibitions in the country! Essentially, it is an exhibition held yearly at the MCA showcasing artwork by early career artists. One condition is that…

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