Playing The Field

Balloons and tinsel in a working farm paddock? This is the sight we saw while heading out from Gore yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes! This farm field looks like Party Central but I'm sure the intent is to scare off the birds.. an innovative strategy! A new sight to us - we haven't... Continue Reading →

Dear Daphne…

In the dark cold of a wet winter when the usual stalwarts like polyanthus were struggling to maintain their cheerful poly-coloured blooms; we walked through the public gardens and dreary they were at the time, cheerless. But your insignifcant flowers bloomed bravely, showering us in intoxicating scent. -- with much appreciation, Liz and Nigel xx... Continue Reading →

Garden Elements at Larnach

The Laburnum Tunnel at Larnach wasn't the only thing that caught our attention on Saturday. Here are some other photos from the same visit that I'd like to share with you... These young Wedding Cake Trees are right by the carpark. It was late afternoon when we left and the sun was very bright. Much... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on a Wallflower

This wallflower enjoyed a brief appearance in my recent post Patchwork Colours in the Botanic Garden, 25 Oct 2017. At the time I knew nothing about the plant but two readers commented favourably on it so today I looked for a name and was successful. These photos were taken by Nigel Sat 28 Oct at... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Plant Species and Cultivars

Introducing a small selection of native species and cultivars that I and SO have photographed, mostly at Dunedin Botanic Garden unless otherwise stated. Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Tom Thumb', bred by a nurseryman at Clinton in South Otago. Makes a gorgeous garden plant. Its a small tree with dark purple foliage that's almost black. In the spring... Continue Reading →

Purple at Larnach

When we were at Larnach Sun 27 Aug, I took quite a few shots of plants that had purple characteristics so thought I'd bundle them together into this Purple post. I wasn't deliberately seeking native NZ plants but all of these are. Larnach Castle Garden, Dunedin, New Zealand. I really liked this shrubby plant and... Continue Reading →

Little Lavender Tractor

This colourful lavender tractor is at Wanaka Lavender Farm, Wanaka, New Zealand. SO took these photos early this week. Its a very pretty tractor! One of those nice old-fashioned human sized ones 🙂 Behind the tractor you can see lavender bushes. Turns out there's a great story here about the development of a Lavender Farm... Continue Reading →

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