Lets Go Orange!


Alstroemeria flowers brightly blooming even though the stem has collapsed to the lawn. Photo taken by Nigel this morning in our garden. Gore New Zealand

Central Otago Wildflowers

Wild thyme, Californian Poppies and Broom flowering at Butchers Dam near Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand. Click here for other posts of the same location. Liz 27 Oct 2018

Hearts and Flowers

After relaxing in Bannerman Park on Labour Day and then deciding to walk into town, we were both stopped in our tracks by these lovely flowers. We were getting near to the exit to the street but still within the park, and these were near the path. The funny thing with the heart shaped flowers... Continue Reading →

Chicken Of The Woods by Nick Hunter

Chicken of the Woods fruiting body, taken by Nick Hunter. "There are seasons, and then there are seasons within seasons. The final three weeks of summer that define the month of September provide vivid proof of the latter." This is just one of eleven photos in a fabulous roundup of late summer photos from Nick... Continue Reading →

Shades of Pink

Some very interesting images containing 'pink' have caught my attention recently. It all started with this amazing photo of a Roseate Spoonbill taken by Ted Jennings (South Carolina Lowcountry, USA). Such an array of pinks through to red, incredible! Note that there are pale orange highlights as well - on the tail and under the... Continue Reading →

Propagation Facility: Flowers

On Sunday when we visited the Propagation Facility at Dunedin Botanic Garden, we found some blooming beautiful plants that I'm keen to share with you! NB: I'll note what plants I think they are but please treat this as opinion and not fact! Where I have the information from a plant tag I'll let you... Continue Reading →

A Cute Orange Cottage Stole My Heart

Sunday 18 June in Dunedin, New Zealand. Glorious, sunny winter's day with an almost cloudless blue sky.  My husband and I were out walking on a street, just relaxing and chatting and looking at houses, plants, gardens. And I spotted this bright orange cottage with blue window frames and a blue door and fell head... Continue Reading →

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