Granny Stringer’s Cottage

For my birthday we rented a cottage at East Roxburgh for two nights. A spacious property with an old apricot orchard at the top of the drive and further down, the cottage set within a lawn and garden setting. The owner's home is across the lawn, and also a separate stand-alone building with deck for... Continue Reading →

Roxburgh Cottage

Cute cottage we found on our 2nd-to-last visit to Roxburgh. On Saturday we had another look and the tamarisk tree was now in flower as well as the wisteria so I decided to take photos. Central Otago, New Zealand.

Lovely Lilac

Driving through East Roxburgh yesterday I spotted lots of lovely lilac flowers.. a whole hedge! so I asked Nigel to turn around. We were both glad we went back, it was a lovely spot and nice standing near to the flowery hedge. Brightest time of day though, difficult to get nice shots. Central Otago, New... Continue Reading →

Lone Tree

Feeling sad after finding out today about the death of a young 13-year old Latino boy Adam Toledo in Chicago USA, killed by police. Only 13 years old! These photos of a lone tree at Maple Glen garden in moody weather are chosen as an expression of my sorrow at Adam's death. Lone tree at... Continue Reading →

Shoo Fly

I'm keen to announce my excitement that New Zealand had ZERO new cases of Covid-19 today ... yay!!! Obviously we're not out of the woods yet but it's a wonderful thing to have reached this point. Not having a relevant photo to accompany such good news, I thought I'd use a rather pretty fly on... Continue Reading →

Evening Jaunts

Same colchicum flowers again but later in the evening this time.  We were walking here last night, sun had almost set and the field of blooms glowed in the end-of-day low light. The lovely glow didn't come out in the photos so I've done my best to compensate, playing around with brightness/contrast and bumping up... Continue Reading →

Paulownia tomentosa

Princess tree, empress tree, or foxglove-tree. "The genus, originally Pavlovnia but now usually spelled Paulownia, was named in honour of Queen Anna Pavlovna of The Netherlands (1795–1865), daughter of Tsar Paul I of Russia. It is also called 'princess tree' for the same reason." You can find more information and photos where I found my... Continue Reading →

Maple Glen, Yellow and Mauve

At Maple Glen on 26 January we immensely enjoyed this part of the extensive gardens. The Centaurea macrocephala was a star at the time of our visit (along with the magnificent dahlias that I've already posted about). The yellow, purple and mauve colours made a very favourable impression on me. Maple Glen Gardens at Glenham,... Continue Reading →

Playing The Field

Balloons and tinsel in a working farm paddock? This is the sight we saw while heading out from Gore yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes! This farm field looks like Party Central but I'm sure the intent is to scare off the birds.. an innovative strategy! A new sight to us - we haven't... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on a Wallflower

This wallflower enjoyed a brief appearance in my recent post Patchwork Colours in the Botanic Garden, 25 Oct 2017. At the time I knew nothing about the plant but two readers commented favourably on it so today I looked for a name and was successful. These photos were taken by Nigel Sat 28 Oct at... Continue Reading →

Pulsatilla at Dunedin Botanic Garden

These lovely Pulsatilla flowers were blooming in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand on Sunday 27 Aug 2017. Beautiful colours and textures.       Top photo by Exploring Colour; Bottom photo by SO (2017)

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