White Kakabeak

Our native Clianthus puniceus has red flowers and there's also a white form Clianthus puniceus albus. We found a lovely bush of the white form at Anderson Park, Invercargill on 17 October 2020. Southland, New Zealand. Click on any photo to enlarge. I've done past posts on Clianthus ... White Kakabeak at Larnach Castle Garden... Continue Reading →

Kakabeak (Clianthus puniceus albus)

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday 22 October) we visited Larnach Castle Garden for afternoon tea and also had a quick look around the garden, despite the wet weather. I didn't have my cellphone but asked Nigel to take photos of the white kakabeak which was laden with flowers and blooming immediately above blue Lithodora. They complemented each... Continue Reading →

The Lovely Clianthus, New Zealand

Kakabeak (Clianthus puniceus) is a very beautiful native New Zealand flowering shrub and is in the same family as Kowhai (Sophora species). Terrain provides an interesting list of common names for Kakabeak: "Kaka beak tree, Parrot's Beak, Parrot's Bill, Lobster Claw" and Terrain also have some lovely photographs. Kaka are large native forest-dwelling parrots. I... Continue Reading →

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