Beauty – An Open Heart

Guest Post By Karen at Bottlebrush Red Photography (Fine Art Flower Photography). What is Beauty and Where can you find it? To see beauty, to feel it, to breathe it and portray it In your Photography, you must have an open heart. [Click photo to read on]


Harold Davis | Constructing an image from the materials of nature

Harold Davis contributed the very first guest post in the Where and What is Beauty? series that I started on this blog in Sept 2017. On 10 Nov, Harold published a new post on his blog that provides further explanation and elaborates on his original discussion. I found this extremely interesting and valuable, and obtained... Continue Reading →

Yellow Submarine Street Art

This mural of a Yellow Submarine is in an alley near where SO's office is located in Stafford Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. The Beatles are featured on the opposite wall (below). Click on either photo to view a larger size image.   The text on the wall reads: We all want to help one another.... Continue Reading →

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