Munro Special Streamliner

The streamliner is an aerodynamic shell for the motorcycle. Burt progressed through four different streamliners. The first was aluminium, the second fibreglass, and I'd assume the next two were fibreglass as well. Five replica streamliners were created for the movie 'The World's Fastest Indian'. Here is one of them, displayed at E Hayes and Sons.... Continue Reading →

The ORIGINAL World’s Fastest Indian

The Munro Special now resides in a large display case at E Hayes and Sons, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand. I hope that you enjoy the photo captures that I took of the display and the accompanying signs, shown below. This post continues on from The Home of the World's Fastest Indian.   Here is a... Continue Reading →

Southland Speed Sensation

This statue stands proudly near the front entrance to Queens Park in Invercargill, not far from the Southland Museum and Art Gallery (where the tuatara live). It was installed in 2011 to honour Burt Munro whose story was dramatised in the movie 'The World's Fastest Indian'. Burt was born on the 25th March 1899 at... Continue Reading →

Dot’s Dream Castle

This story begins with COLOUR. Yesterday, driving home from Kurow, we'd driven through Waitaki Bridge and were on our way to Oamaru. Suddenly in front of us was a big sign for Riverstone Kitchen. My excitement knew no bounds... I'd long wanted to visit this place! Both of these photos were taken from their car... Continue Reading →

The Tower Stairs

  Today I present a photo taken by a photographer whose work I admire very much. His name is Lignum Draco. He's been posting photo articles about his recent trip to Cuba and this photo particularly caught my attention. I'm pleased to share it here with his permission.   Photo by Lignum Draco   "Centrally... Continue Reading →

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