Bluff Flora Foray

Wandering around in Bluff, it wasn't just the scenery and the buildings that caught our attention. We also found some interesting trees and flowers - native and exotic, garden-worthy and not so garden-worthy. I'll share with you our finds! Bluff, Southland, New Zealand Bluff Flora Foray We came across a tree and shrub planting between... Continue Reading →

Art Deco Beauties in Bluff (2)

There's no way you can miss this bright pink art deco building on the main street of Bluff, Southland, New Zealand. This is down south, right down the bottom of the South Island. The weather can be pretty bleak in Southland, a lot of grey sky in winter. Colour is welcome! I'm not so keen... Continue Reading →

Art Deco Beauties in Bluff (1)

Art Deco beauties in Bluff? You bet! This little fishing community down south, port town for Southland, has some fabulous art deco commercial buildings in the main street and they're beauties! The colour scheme is 'interesting' but that's as it should be in this port town. Never a dull moment! We visited Bluff on Tues... Continue Reading →

Fortrose: Part Five

We'd walked along the beach and found a gravel road running parallel. We decided to do the rest of our walk by road and found there were plenty of interesting things to see along the road. Liz and Nigel, Sunday 05 August 2018

Golden Showers

Laburnum Tunnel at Larnach Castle Garden, Otago Peninsula (near Dunedin), New Zealand  |  Sat 25 November 2017 Click on the photo to enlarge. The Larnach Castle Laburnum Tunnel, photographed during our visit on Saturday. We were anxious not to miss seeing it in bloom! Above, you can see a couple walking down the slope through... Continue Reading →

Curly Character (New Zealand)

This unusual native plant is Dracophyllum traversii, a small subalpine tree with a rather odd appearance. These photos taken Sunday 27 Aug 2017 at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Has a range of common names e.g. mountain neinei, pineapple tree, grass tree Photo (above): Here you can see the top of the Dracophyllum (down the... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Cabbage Trees

NEW ZEALAND CABBAGE TREES (CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS). Iconic native tree of New Zealand. Frequently seen in both town and country. The cabbage tree looks particularly beautiful when in flower. These cabbage trees are growing in the median strip of a street in the city of Invercargill in the south of the South Island. Quintessential iconic shot... Continue Reading →

A Cute Orange Cottage Stole My Heart

Sunday 18 June in Dunedin, New Zealand. Glorious, sunny winter's day with an almost cloudless blue sky.  My husband and I were out walking on a street, just relaxing and chatting and looking at houses, plants, gardens. And I spotted this bright orange cottage with blue window frames and a blue door and fell head... Continue Reading →

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