Here’s The Catch: Predator and Prey

The reality of the natural world is that some creatures eat other creatures to survive. Nature photographers spend a lot of time outside and sometimes capture dramatic moments in the struggle for survival. Their photos and stories may shock us but we can learn so much from these encounters - animals seem capable of much... Continue Reading →

Shades of Blue

Have I got some blues for you! These photos are guaranteed to lift your spirits and chase away "the blues". Many thanks to the photographers who've allowed me to use their images. Blue sofa in the forest. I asked Simone to tell me about this surprising scene and her response is below the photo. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Duo in Pink

These two photos seemed, to me, to belong together. Brighter and more showy than yesterday's pinks with a very strong "Look at Me" factor.  They're not keen to share the stage with others but promised they'd behave - as long as there's just the two of them! Flower and bird both show a wonderful pink... Continue Reading →

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