Old Brown Racing “HORSE”

and "BANDIT".  These two cars with catchy names caught my attention when wandering around a display of speedway cars on Thurs 08 March in Invercargill. I've already posted about my favourite - the green car named "THE CHOPPER"!! These photos show another two cars that were next-door neighbours in the display ... Text and Photos... Continue Reading →

Winter Flashback

Here's a couple of photos that Nigel took in winter, 01 July 2017, at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. I really like them but hadn't used them in any posts yet so this is a special out-of-season post! The first photo is an amazing fungi stack that he found on a dead tree. Click on... Continue Reading →

Art in Autumn : Designing with Leaves

Me and SO were at the Dunedin Botanic Garden a few weeks ago on a perfect autumn day and he started playing around with the leaves under a Liriodendron tree (tulip tree). The leaves are very big and there were lots of different colour variations. I liked the results of his efforts!     Words... Continue Reading →

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