At school we had a game called Bullrush where someone would yell "Bullrush" and you had to try to run to the other side of a sportsfield while avoiding a whole lot of other kids in the middle who would try to catch you. It was rough - they'd often grab you or tackle you... Continue Reading →

Magic Carpet

The magic Colchicum. These two photos were taken by Nigel on 10 April 2020 when we wandered up the road for our exercise walk. He took one other - which I published yesterday as a single image. We were amazed how the strip of flowers was so dense with colour. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.... Continue Reading →

Heading Down the Highway

Stay Home, Stay Safe. Today New Zealand was down to 19 new cases of Covid-19. The last twelve days: 89, 71, 82, 89, 67, 54, 50, 29, 44, 29, 18, and today, 19 It works. If you're being advised to stay home, just do it. -- also pay attention to hand washing -- Some of... Continue Reading →

Old Flax Pods

New Zealand flax, old pods. The stalk had drooped allowing a closer shot. Tapanui, West Otago, NZ. Taken by Liz 03 April 2020.

Flowers, Fields and Foliage in Fall

Flowers, fields and foliage in fall. Autumn 2020 in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. Colchicum flowers established in a field, they bloom this time every year, in the past grown commercially but now wild. We were out on a local Sunday afternoon walk. Photos taken by Nigel 29 March, except the last one taken by... Continue Reading →

Evening Jaunts

Same colchicum flowers again but later in the evening this time.  We were walking here last night, sun had almost set and the field of blooms glowed in the end-of-day low light. The lovely glow didn't come out in the photos so I've done my best to compensate, playing around with brightness/contrast and bumping up... Continue Reading →

Colour Shift

Falling fast into Fall. The colours here in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand are changing fast as, in the southern hemisphere, we head into 'real' autumn. The shift happens quickly, previously plain plants now basking in a moment of glory. All photos taken by Nigel with his Olympus digital camera, edited by me. Autumn colours... Continue Reading →

Part of my Heart’s in Central

When Nigel returned from promoting his landscape design business Growplan at Wanaka A&P Show, he came home via Central Otago. This is a region of extremes, baking hot in the summer, cold in the winter and lots of vineyards and fruit orchards. Spring and Autumn are gorgeous for their blossom and foliage.  I'm pretty peeved... Continue Reading →

Walking on the Wild Side

Dahlias Plus+ -- the pluses are Colchicum and Cat -- remember, it's autumn in New Zealand 🙂 Tapanui, West Otago Photos taken by Liz Click on ANY photo below to enlarge A hint of things to come ... CAT : as soon as I got my camera out the feline wouldn't look at me any... Continue Reading →

The First Shall Be Last

I took these photos on my short exercise stroll up the road in the late afternoon. These lovely asters have been stunning although they're a wee bit past their best now and got knocked around by rough weather on Tuesday. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. It was the perfect opportunity for more practice with the... Continue Reading →

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