Stop for a Red

These fabulous red hot pokers required I ask Nigel to turn around and go back..

Kniphofia come in a range of colours but these are the true sizzling red-hot flower heads that look like they’d burn you! They were growing in front of a farm paddock near the gate, and right by the sealed highway. Dazzling display!

West Otago, New Zealand. 29 January 2023

A line of red hot pokers with very bright flower heads beside a sealed highway. Red-orange main colour with a band of yellow at the bottom. Some flowers are set against green foliage while taller ones glow in front of the bright blue sky that’s behind them. Also called poker plant or torch lily.

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

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    1. Yes it sure *is* glorious colour! ~even though we were returning from a long day out I just had to stop for these – it’s not often I can get a clear blue sky background and with it being late afternoon the colours were looking great.

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