Colour Contrast

This came through my Mastodon feed this morning, I was so taken with it!

Magenta flowers blooming out of a patch of leaves covered in rusty, red, roadside dust. Taken “many years ago” in Porto Velho, Brazil. “There is a lot of iron in the ground there. Further north they are mining it.”

Photo by Martin : ~used with permission~

Photo by Martin
Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

8 thoughts on “Colour Contrast

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  1. That looks extraordinary! When my parents lived in Spain they would sometimes get rain full of orange dust. It messed up the white houses a bit but nothing like the covering of dust on those plants.

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  2. At first glance I thought you edited the image to get this result. It looks strange and unnatural but interesting.
    I just listened to the news about severe storms in New Zealand!! Hope all is well where you are Liz. Take care!!

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    1. Like you Anita, when I first saw the image I thought it had been edited! I’m delighted it’s a real scene.

      Thank you for your kindness in asking after us. We’re well south of the affected area and enjoying beautiful summer weather. I’m extremely thankful that all is well here! It’s hard thinking about conditions being so very bad further north.

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