Mostly White

We drove past this property on Sunday and as we whizzed past I realised we’d just gone by a boundary frontage planted in white Agapanthus, blooming nicely. This morning Nigel took me back so I could get photos. It’s a tiny locality not far from Tapanui, rural with 2 or 3 residences and a hall, and some battered old commercial buildings.. yet these owners put a lot of effort into their garden. Mostly white flowers and green foliage but a little variety in the form of contrasting foliage colours.

West Otago, New Zealand

Large clumps of white Agapanthus, the foliage and flowers providing a pretty road-front boundary for the house and garden.

Part of the white Agapanthus hedge, flowering well. And my passenger door.

Long front hedge of white Agapanthus with lots of flower heads. The property has a formal garden with extensive use of low box hedges in the front part of the garden.

This is a corner property and when I looked around the corner I found the front on that side is still true to the green and white colour theme.

Hydrangea-type species underplanted with Hosta as ground cover.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

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    1. Cool and calm.. yes! Sparkle’s nice. One thing I really (also) like about white is that it stands out so well in the dusk and early evening, and in moonlight, when the ‘colours’ I love so much can’t do their thing!

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      1. Oh yes, white is brilliant for the evening – great where it can be seen from house windows or an evening seating area in the garden. (Combined with night-scented plants, it would be heavenly!)

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