White Agapanthus

Following on from Hedge with an Edge, these photos are from the Agapanthus hedge that extends along the property frontage starting on the other side of the entrance. When we’d initially driven past, I’d noticed some white Agapanthus so I asked Nigel to go back. I wanted to get a photo to show Linda Leinen because we’d discussed the white form. This is the road frontage of a property that offers holiday accommodation. Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand.

Spherical flower heads of Agapanthus, and their green strappy foliage. In this long line of Agapanthus most flowers are blue but a small group of white flower heads are in the foreground of the photo. In the far distance lies a long hill range with the ridgeline visible across the width of the photo.

Close-up of a white Agapanthus flower head with scattered blue flower heads blurred in the background and a hill range and ridgeline in the far distance.

Blue flower heads of Agapanthus – most heads have open flowers but the one closest to the camera is full of flower buds. Blue-mauve colour.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

9 thoughts on “White Agapanthus

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  1. So gorgeous! I was given some Agapanthus plants a few years ago dug up from a friend’s garden. This year they started flowering and some are white. They look absolutely stunning in the garden.
    As always I love seeing your posts and the beautiful photos!

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    1. There’s a tiny place out in the country a short way from here where one of the houses has white agapanthus planted along their road frontage. Looks very pretty! We were whizzing along in the car at the time and couldn’t stop so no photos 😦

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