Hedge with an Edge

Yesterday we drove to Roxburgh for fruit and eggs (success on both counts). Here’s an accommodation property we passed and I love their beautiful native Olearia hedge, presently fronted with Agapanthus that are in flower. Central Otago, New Zealand.

So what did we buy at Roxburgh? A small square box of Staccato cherries, the same of nectarines, the same of ‘mixed fruit’ (a peach, apricots, nectarines and cherries), and a dozen free-range eggs. These were purchased from three different orchard shops.

Part of the Olearia hedge (green) along with Agapanthus foliage (green), sphere-shaped flower heads (blue-mauve), and seedheads-in-the-making (green).

Long length of Olearia hedge – nice and dense and green. The flowering Agapanthus plants are lined up along the front of the hedge, then a strip of bare earth, and then mown lawn (patchy). Behind the hedge are a house roof and the top part of a small windmill (nb: not the Dutch type, the water pump type), and various trees. In the far distance are ridgelines of dry hills and a sky of light cloud.

Entrance to the accommodation property showing part of the Olearia hedge and Agapanthus, and then a purely Agapanthus hedge (blue-mauve, in flower) that continues further along the road frontage of the property – starting from the other side of the entrance. There’s a wide mown verge and then sealed road, and in the far distance is the long ridgeline of a high hill range.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

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