All on a Sunday

When we visited Alexandra public garden on Sunday, I found the smoke tree foliage beautiful as I gazed at the leaves against the summer blue sky. Alexandra is in Central Otago, New Zealand. Today I was delighted to find a wonderful hoar frost photo taken in Germany, also photographed on Sunday! A battered old sunflower transformed into magnificence by winter’s hoar frost.

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Colourful smoke tree leaves in shades of red, brown, tan and green against a bright blue summer sky. Other names: Cotinus coggygria, smoke bush.

More colourful smoke tree leaves in red, green and tan, with interesting shapes and shadows. Beyond is the same bright blue summer sky and various foliage colours from other trees.

Stunning sunflower photo by Horst Hirning, Germany.

~ visit Horst’s post ~ for more information and photos (9)

[there’s a Google Translate control to the right if you need it]

The face of the sunflower with windswept ice reminded me of something. Just before publishing I remembered. In my mind was the image of the child with the pensive face that adorns all the Les Misérables (musical) branding!

Text by Liz, summer photos by Liz, winter photo by Horst Hirning;
Exploring Colour (2023). Horst’s photo used with permission.

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    1. Ann, I was thinking of your smoke tree images while I was taking my photos! The foliage of another tree looked wonderful backlit.. it was a kind of elm. Not bright colours but interesting patterns of various shades of green, and white. Appears to be Ulmus carpinifolia Variegata or ‘Smooth Variegated Elm’. 🙂

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