White Bales

White wrapped bales in fields. Old Coach Road, as we drove to Clinton, 22 January. New Zealand.

I can’t help imagining they’re arranged in readiness for the imminent arrival of a bride and bridegroom!

Scattered white-wrapped round bales, upright on a mown farm field, on a descending slope of a hill. Down below are pastoral flats, some groups of trees, a few buildings, and more hills. Grey and white streaky cloud above the scene.

White-wrapped round bales in a huge winter crop field. The crop is a blue-green colour. The bales are lined up in two long parallel lines with crop between and there’s two parallel tyre tracks that expose the soil, tracking back between the two lines of bales, and stretching way back into the field. The appearance is similar to a driveway with grass in the middle, both sides flanked in white bales. Beyond is a hillside from left to right of photo, and a tree hedge on top, taking up part of the central ridge. Grey sky.

White-wrapped round bales in a huge winter crop field, taken from the side, giving more of an idea of how far the two lines of white bales stretch back into the field – they go back for as much of the field as can be seen.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

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  1. Love this. We have blue, yellow, and pink wrapped bales, and sometimes wrapping that’s clear, but I don’t remember white. I think I would if I’d seen them. They’re quite striking.

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    1. Thinking about it.. perhaps the farmer could make a bit of extra $ over the summer by putting a white arch at the ‘entry’ with a big white plastic-wrap bow at the top of the arch, and country couples who are getting married could pay to have their wedding photos taken there !!!


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