Sheep and Bales

A drive along Old Coach Road this morning, we joined at Clinton but didn’t go all the way to Mataura, electing to turn around and return the way we came. Clutha / Southland. New Zealand

So cute how some of the sheep have claimed a bale to nestle up to (I’m guessing these are older lambs).

Photo taken over a farm fence. The following description applies to this photo and also the next two photos. Green field with scattered plastic-wrapped round bales. The wrap is a very pale green. There are sheep grazing in the field but a few are resting, some of whom have chosen a bale to nestle close to. Behind them is more farmland and a mountain range.

Similar to the last photo except this is panoramic and shows more bales scattered across the field.

This is an even wider panorama and shows many more bales scattered across the field. In the foreground is the wire fence and the tops of the long, flowering, summer grasses from the roadside verge. Through them scrambles white convolvulus flowers.

A different part of the Old Coach Road as we head back to Clinton. On the left is a long line of native New Zealand flax which has tall, deep red, flower heads. Across the road to the right is the roadside verge with long summer grasses and then farm fields, mostly planted with a growing winter feed crop for stock. Above the winter crop fields is a very distinctively shaped hill with two peaks. The front one is smoothly rounded on top, and then flows down and sharply up into a second peak that’s like a wave crest. The landform is very interesting with slanting parallel lines descending from the peaks on an angle. The photo is taken from our car and there’s a long stretch of undulating road stretching ahead into the distance ahead of us.

Text by Liz, photos by Liz except the last (by Nigel); Exploring Colour (2023)

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    1. The ‘interacting’ sheep looked so cute and they were a lovely bonus as I hadn’t been able to see the ones cuddled in by the bales until I’d already hopped out of our car!


  1. Love how you two stop and take roadside photos. We always seem to speed past stuff. I guess slow country rides are what is needed to record in this way. I love roadside flax and the native toetoe along our roads. And the sheep! I love how they are snuggling up to the bales in your photos.

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    1. We’ve found a wonderful very long line of toetoe all in flower, planted along the roadside boundary of some farm paddocks. Between Dunrobin and Heriot. Sadly we’ve not taken photos. We’ve seen them when returning home a couple of times via Moa Flat/Heriot.

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