Summer Playground

A weathered but wonderful playground at Black Gully Reserve, near Tapanui.
West Otago. New Zealand. 28 December.

Hexagonal rotating seat with each of the six sections painted in contrasting colours, we can see yellow, blue and red sections from this angle. The paint is very faded and weathered. When the seat is pushed (via the bars between each section) then the seat will spin and the pushers can jump on the seat and have a ride. Other playground equipment can be seen behind, also a picnic table, and small wooden accommodation cabins are visible on the hill behind.

Playground with the hexagonal seat, a swing-set with 6 swings, a small spaceship slide for young children, and another merry-go-round device, circular and higher off the ground, for older children. It also spins if pushed or pulled to get it going. There are large trees in the background, and there are red mistletoe flowers visible in one of the trees.

A long fun-looking stainless steel slide that runs down a hill slope from a group of little wooden cabins and stops on a level that’s closer to where the playground is (the playground’s a little further down the hill).

Another rotating merry-go-round apparatus, with bars extending from the central pole – each bar has a swing-seat attached at the end of the bar. Requires people to run with it to get it spinning and give the passengers a ride. Probably 8 seats. Lovely big, clear blue, summer sky. The ground under the merry-go-round is bare and around that is a large, tidy, mown, grassy area that slopes down to distant trees where there’s a camping area for visitors.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022/2023)

6 thoughts on “Summer Playground

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  1. I remember little wooden roundabouts like the hexagonal one in playgrounds when I was a kid. I used to get motion-sickness, so soon learned to avoid them! The bigger one would have been much worse…think I remember seeing those too. 🙂

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  2. This playground brings back memories of the park a block from my house growing up in Detroit. I love how the slide incorporates the hill! I have a fear of heights and climbing the steps to the top of a slide required focused determination for me. With this slide, no steps!

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