Round The Bend

A drive through rural back roads in Southland, Waikaka area.
29 December. New Zealand.

First photo by me, the other three by Nigel.

Reminder: my new habit is to put ‘Alt’ text after each photo so it can be read if desired

Panoramic view from a hill road. A gravel road forms a sweeping curve from the left of the photo toward the right, then bends back and disappears to the left behind long summer grasses. Down below are green farmland and hedges, with ridges of higher hill ranges in the far distance. Blue sky.

The same gravel road, but looking in the opposite direction. The road runs from the foreground away from the viewer and toward the left, disappearing around a bend right in front of a mature pine tree (which itself is bent in shape as the tree arcs to the right). Mown verge to the right, and then long summer grasses. Behind the bent pine tree is a clear, bright blue, summer sky.

A narrow dirt road disappears down a gentle hill slope, then a few metres away from the viewer quickly changes to a grass-in-the-middle kind of road. Rolling-hill farm country. Pastoral with a mown field on the right, and green fields with some sections of shelter hedges. The roadside verge is covered in dense, tall, summer grasses.

View down from a bridge, of a lovely stream running toward the centre of the photo and then disappearing around a bend toward the left. There are some gentle rapids as it nears the centre. The banks are grassy. To the left is a crop field. To the right is a field of long summer grass and three sheep visible, one of which is standing on the grassy bank looking down at the water. Further away are many trees and then a hill range, blue sky and a light, white patch of cloud.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2022/2023)

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