Dunedin Blues

Summer delights. Good blues.. happy blues 🙂
From our visit to Dunedin Botanic Garden on 15 January. New Zealand.

Metallic blue eryngium plant with thimble-like flowers, the whole plant is a lovely silvery turquoise colour, unusual to see this colour in a plant!

Blue hosta plant with big, round, blue leaves. Above the foliage are a scattering of white flowers from the same plant. The foliage spreads out horizontally, right across the width of the photo. A nice display.

Protea flower in the South African garden. It’s shaped much like a capsicum and has large deep-pink petals that rise vertically and meet at the top. There’s a lot of white fur where they meet because the top of the petals are lined with quite long, soft, white fur. The plant also has pretty blue leaves, with a thin pink margin.

Part of an uphill bank planting with succulents spread across the ground. The foreground plant has a wide spread of green foliage with very bright red flowers. Behind is a good spread of Senecio serpens (blue chalk sticks) – a beautiful display of blue succulent foliage like upright blue chalks! There’s a few scattered aloes, and a clear, blue summer sky in the background.

[Edit 18 Jan: the plant with bright red flowers appears to be Crassula coccinea]

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

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  1. We have at least four native Eryngium species in Texas, three of which I’ve seen. Of those I’ve seen, two are blue, and one is a lovely green/white. They’re all among my favorites.

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