White Spires

White Hebe (Veronica) flowers bursting into bloom, West Otago. 10 January. New Zealand native.

Long spires of white blooms reaching outward, and among them, long green spires with dotty white unopened buds.

These are very large-size shrubs covered in spires of white blooms, growing as part of a roadside planting (probably planted by the owners of the farm behind the trees and shrubs).

Overview shot of a large Hebe, it’s both wide and high.

Context photo showing the sealed road and three big separate clusters of these Hebes, spread out along the left side of the road with patches of other plants between each. The three Hebe clusters are all covered in white flowers.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

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    1. They hold their blooms for weeks before they die off. We have some nice bushes that we inherited at the front of our own property. Many hebes are prolific flowerers, they’re a variable lot though. Some are instead valued for their foliage. I have another kind of Hebe to put up soon which was also covered in a mass of flowers. I love this time of year with so many lovely blooms 🙂

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