Rural Intersection

The rural triangle intersection we found yesterday. Photos by Nigel, except the last one by me (my picture of the old kettle). Clutha District, New Zealand.

First photo shows bee holes, there were lots of mini-bees like miniature honeybees! They were on the bare ground by the gravel road.

Bare and stony ground with visible occasional small holes. One yellow flower and shadows of stems and flowers. Interesting light, shadow, and texture. Bees were sometimes going into the holes.

Intersection of rural gravel roads. An island of rough grass and some yellow-flowered weeds and on the island are a rustic bench seat and a signpost with yellow and blue signs. In the background are tall trees, summer blue sky, and light clouds.

Me sitting on the bench seat smiling at the camera. I’m casually dressed in blue jeans, blue denim shirt, t-shirt and a green cap. I’ve cropped the image so that only the base of the sign-post is visible behind me, and there are long flowering summer grasses all around me and the seat.

Near the intersection an old kettle has been hung off a fence-post with a piece of wire. It’s suspended among tall flowering summer grasses and the tall young shoots of bracken.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2023)

5 thoughts on “Rural Intersection

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  1. Great photo of you sitting amongst all that lovely long grass! It’s good to see all the bee holes too – we get some here, sometimes with neat little piles of excavated earth beside them. Must be hard work for the bees!

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      1. I had holes like that here in a pile of soil that was excavated from the pond – different from the holes in the flat areas. So I’m supposing that they were probably made by different bees. I’d love to see the occupants coming and going… 🙂

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