Yellow Crop Field

Yellow crop field we suddenly came across during a back country drive this afternoon.

Clutha district, Otago. New Zealand.

My last post for 2022 .. Happy New Year folks!

View over farm gate. Shaded rough weedy edge of field and then a large golden yellow flowering crop area among rolling hill country. Strong wind all the time I was taking the photos!

Large, bright golden yellow flowering crop area, among rolling hill country. The distant green fields beyond have cattle grazing, and plastic-covered silage bales dotted over some fields.

Panoramic view of large, bright golden yellow flowering crop area, among rolling hill country. Far distant green fields and lines of tree shelter-belts.

Later edit: And a photo by Nigel …

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)

14 thoughts on “Yellow Crop Field

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  1. These are beautiful, Liz, and a neat added pic by Nigel of you, and a bird flitting by! You’ve made the turn into 2023 already…we’ve a few hours to go but it will be here soon. Happy New Year to you and Nigel! Wishing you many adventures into the wilds.

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    1. Yes we’ve made it already! And a lovely day it is. You and Ted are the real wilderness adventurers lol, not us! May you both have many wonderful (and safe) adventures in 2023, looking forward to your photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Is it rapeseed or canola? They’re sometimes grown around here, but whatever, a beautiful yellow. I’m already ready for more color around here, and just starting the winter really.
    Happy New Year & best wishes for 2023.

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    1. Very best wishes for you too! Here’s something I didn’t know until searching “canola”. It’s the abbreviation for ‘Canadian oil’.. a particular group of rapeseed varieties, and rapeseed is part of the mustard family. Through the 1960s/70s the Canadian plant breeders bred better plants that minimized some undesirable compounds. By the 1980s canola had replaced rapeseed in Canadian oilseed production. “Canola is a term trademarked and licensed by the Canadian Canola Council to differentiate the plant, oil and meal from traditional rapeseed.” ~from an archived web page url:

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    1. “Happy happy”.. love this! At Guy Fawkes, kids used to have “Double Happy” firecrackers .. so now I’m expecting a cracker of a year! Happy New Year Louella! It’s now 8.39am 01/01/2023 here ๐Ÿ™‚

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