Blue Gloss

Yesterday we returned to Commissioners Track and spent some time on part of it, mostly checking out the weeds and the native plants. We’re right into summer now and lots of plants are flowering including grasses. We found some very pretty weed flowers, and some rather nice native flowers too. But today’s post is about Vipers Bugloss, a type of Echium (vulgare), and also said to be called ‘Blueweed’ but I’ve never heard that one myself. Something I read this morning said it’s in the ‘forget-me-not family’ so I guess the pretty blue flowers aren’t too surprising.

Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand

Half way along the main track is a flat grassy spot with a large picnic table. We found a liberal sprinkling of Vipers Bugloss blooms. The plant loves hot, dry places so plenty of it grows throughout Central Otago which has reliably hot, dry summers. In the background is the Clutha River.

The blue spires are lovely but closer inspection doesn’t disappoint.. they’re beauties!

The plant has plenty of white hairs, especially on the stem.
And here’s a hairy visitor, a beautiful big bumblebee.
The pink immature flowers only add to the charm.

Their form is most graceful.

Text and photos by Liz, Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. We have several Buglosses here, None are native to New England but are lovely flowers as are yours. One of ours is Echium pustulatum-Pustulose Viper’s Bugloss and as the first part of the common name indicates, can cause pustules, a skin irritation which all varieties’ sap can cause.


  2. It’s a beautiful plant, but I have to confess that ‘Bugloss’ always sounds to me like the name of a character in a fantasy or science fiction story. Who knows where that comes from?

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