Christmas Eve

Some photos I’ve taken this week, selected because I associate them with Christmas in some way. First two taken this morning at Gore Gardens.. white bell flowers and tiny pink blurs of Heuchera flowers. Then Cotinus or smokebush partly catching the light. And then (taken 22 Dec) native mistletoe, and astelia berries, Black Gully near Tapanui. New Zealand. Note: Gore is in Southland and Tapanui is in West Otago.



Glow. Light effects on Cotinus, or smokebush, leaves. New shoots and the top edge of one mature leaf are lit up and glowing the colour of hot red embers.

Mistletoe. Native New Zealand mistletoe flower buds. Very bright red-orange colour when buds are mature and lit up by sunlight. They look like bunches of colourful cotton buds sticking up into the air! The oval, fleshy green leaves are also bright when lit up and go a vibrant green-yellow.

Green berries like shiny green beads. Native astelia plant with long flax-like green leaves and stems of deep green, small, round berries that are located down in the centre of the plant. They’re immature berries and will colour up over time.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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    1. When the sun’s out the mistletoe flowers look amazing! I hoped you’d see the smokebush, I haven’t seen Cotinus foliage lit up quite like that before. The plant was mostly shaded with just bits of light making it through. Christmas is going well thanks – just got back from a walk on a new track we haven’t done before. Happy Christmas!

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    1. There’s a lot to be said for a Summer Christmas. We’ve had heaps of grey cloud, rain and even thunder and lightning over the last few weeks but I’m thankful to not have extreme winter events at this time.. I hope you two have a cosy and happy Christmas!

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    1. Thank you Steve! Take care. I hope you have a safe, cosy and warm, Christmas. At least I can take comfort in knowing you always have a decent heap of firewood available.

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