Storm Clouds

Storm clouds over Tapanui last night. Not captured: lightning in the very dark cloud layer down the end of the street. Amazingly, we didn’t get the expected downpour. West Otago, New Zealand.

Since WP doesn’t seem to show Alt text with photos, I’ll put the Alt text after each photo instead.

Dark clouds piling up in the west, viewed from the front of our property – there are trees and shrubs in the foreground and power lines coming from both sides and converging on a central power pole.

Main street of Tapanui with houses, and RSA building with a NZ flag flying. Power poles and power lines. Big dark sky with a layer of dark grey-black near the ground and messy dark clouds above.

A big dark mass of cloud above our place and the next-door pear tree and paddock. View looking north.

Closer view of the cloud layers above the pear tree, and two spur-winged plovers flying into the scene from the right side of photo.

Vertical image showing the full height of the pear tree, the fence and paddock, and the streaming layers of dark cloud above the pear tree (with a very small narrow ‘window’ of blue sky).

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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