Lovely Lemon Rose

The lemon-coloured rose in my last post has been admired and I promised there’d be more photos so here they are, two photos by me and two by Nigel. Taken in Roxburgh, Central Otago on 29 October. New Zealand. ~this afternoon Nigel found the name and after checking online photos and info I agree it appears to be a good match. Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’.

There’s an informative article about it at the Liddle Wonder website including this final paragraph:

Although the yellow banksia rose originally came from China, it does have a Kiwi connection. It’s named for Lady Banks, wife of Sir Joseph Banks, the naturalist who accompanied Captain Cook on his voyage of discovery to New Zealand.

I’ve photographed another that looks just like this, at the Jessie Calder Garden (old roses), Queens Park, Invercargill on 17 October 2020. See Little Lemon Rose

Text by Liz, first 2 pics by Liz, second 2 pics by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. What glorious color — and interesting history. ‘Banksia’ is familiar, but it must be due to reading blogs from your part of the world; I remember seeing a tree from the Banksia genus.

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